MARTE S.p.A. is a Chemical Company producing Unsatured Polyester Resins orthophtalic, isophtalic, DCPD and fire retardant for Composite Industry.
ARES® polyester resins are used for: continuous laminating, hand up panels, buttons, chips, bathtub, shower-plate, piping, tanks, pultruded profiles, gelcoat, pastes, putties, polymer concrete and others.
MARTE S.p.A. was founded in 1992 based on a winning vision: to produce innovative resins using an innovative process.


The production process built using proprietary and state of the art Know How is capable of manufacturing high transparency resins with outstanding characteristics.

MARTE S.p.A. has been a pioneer in the production of very low styrene content resins.

INNOVATIVE are its production and logistic organisation
Slim and efficient in order to guarantee an efficient service to our Customers.
MARTE S.p.A. is glad to celebrate its 25 years of activity.
Thank you to all our Customers who allowed us to develop and become ....grown up!
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